You Don’t Know What It’s Like….

I felt the overwhelming urge and need to share this with my own readers once I read it (thank you for being there) It’s a story that many of us can relate to and understand, and may just be living right now. Honestly, I felt as if she was watching my life through a lense while she wrote it. The biggest take away, for me, is that you will get through it (whatever “it” you are dealing with) if you take care of yourself. Here’s to a new year of hope, happiness and self care. I wish you this, and more.

Paddles, Pringles, and Paths

Let me preface this post by saying I am good. I know that many of my blog posts are on topics that may give the impression that I am dealing with a lot of emotional turmoil these last few months, but in reality these are all things I’ve dealt with in the last few years and being able to write about them has brought me even more relief. I may not be where I want to be just yet, but I know I will be and I’m happily enjoying life in the meantime. Getting here has been quite the journey. They say there are moments that define us, a cross roads in your life that mark a before and after. This is one of mine.


In June my youngest son graduated high school and prepared to go to college in the fall.

In July I found out my oldest…

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