You Don’t Understand Me for the Same Reason Couples Divorce

I connected almost immediately to this post, and his writing is wonderful and genuine. To say that I feel somewhat “validated” in my belief that the way divorce begins and plays out these days is an epidemic may sound self-centered or egotistical, but really it just made me feel that I wasn’t alone in my thinking, or that it isn’t all just my own view or my singular experience leading me to that conclusion.

Must Be This Tall To Ride

Some things simply get lost in translation. (Image/ Some things simply get lost in translation. (Image/

I wrote a post exactly three months ago today which was so popular and relatable to the average married couple that several million people read it.

It’s so popular that it has remained the most-read post on this site every day since, quadrupling MBTTTR’s daily traffic from pre-“dish” post levels.

The reason it became popular is because people read it, recognized their own lives, and wanted to share and talk about it with others.

And even though She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes By the Sink mattered so much to so many, it yielded and continues to elicit radically different reactions from readers:

“I like that this guy got to the deep issue of respecting his wife. It takes a lot of self-reflection for a man to understand that little things like this can really hurt a woman.”

“This will contribute to…

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5 thoughts on “You Don’t Understand Me for the Same Reason Couples Divorce

  1. I liked that original post about the glass by the sink. I think he nails it. In my particular case, it was always a knife with butter from breakfast. He would do the dishes, but he would leave the knife. All day long sometimes. I never understood why he would do this. When we first got married, I would wash it myself. Then I started to resent it and asked him to take care of it. He wouldn’t. Even now with a toddler in the house, he still leaves that dirty knife on the countertop. Like the author of the original post says, I fwlt disrespected, taken granted for. I had done things for him and let a lot of other things go and fly because I loved him. However, I didn’t feel he reciprocated. He would make a point of letting me know what he didn’t like about me or my behavior, but if the tables were turned, he would accuse me of being a perfectionist and controlling. I can’t speak for that original post guy and his ex, but speaking for myself and my own experience, the “leaving the glass by the sink” or buttered knife on the countertop in a narcissistic marriage can be a dagger ripping your soul.

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    • I completely agree. Mine was a dirty cereal bowl with the spoon in the sink. Every. Fucking. Day.
      Once I went on a trip with a friend and my mom came to stay to take care of our kids – and obviously the overgrown kid I had married – when I returned, that was the one thing she told me that drove HER nuts. And that was only a week! Imagine how it felt everyday, it was ignorant and disrespectful. Over the years things like this made me feel like hired help, not his wife or someone he loved. And he always managed to point out my shortcomings, that was a favorite. I wish I had known about NPD years ago.

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