It’s about time!

It’s about time…I was ready to wash my hands of this show out of shear boredom!

How about you?

It seems that the B&J team finally got their heads on straight for the first time since this season has begun. And without Bob or Jillian getting in their faces about it, which totally surprises me. Is it me, or are they going extra easy on the contestants this season? What gives??

Funny how just one change to their normal routine can rouse them out of their sleep-walking like stupor. A bit of whining to go along with it (which always irritates me even though I should be used to it by now but seriously, they’re all adults for goshsakes, grow-up!) but in the end they pulled it off.

The interesting thing about last week’s double-digit dynamic is that nobody made comment on how the changes in the gym may have been a contributing factor. Once the Blue Team started sharing the gym it became louder and busier in the gym while they were working out, which was irritating, but they overcame it. You’d think that at least Jillian would bring it up after the weigh-in and make them all take a long hard look at what pushes them to be better and how they managed to get out of their “comfort zones” without failing – and actually succeeded! I think the Jill-meister needs to phone me for some psychological coaching advice…

Now to talk about Arthur…really, what the heck was that about?? Who makes that kind of decision and feels good about it? The challenge was bad enough (eating chocolate to gain control over the game) but to use it as a way to over-indulge is just gross. THIRTY-FIVE PIECES people!! That’s not gaining control of anything if you ask me. And then to trade the Black Team’s strongest two players for the Blue Team’s weakest two was just incredible. Why not take Rulon and his buddy and really upset the Blue Team? That would throw them completely off balance to take the “brains” of that side away. If you’re going to try to play the game you should at least know how to play it first! And what is going on between him and the green team anyway? He knows that they’re after him…huh?? I need to go back and review the tapes to catch that idea, I must have missed something.

So now the pot has been stirred and the throw-down has finally happened. I loved it when Jillian told her team that Cara was “afraid” of her because Jillian knows her stuff and it works. Did you see Cara’s face on that comment? Loved it! (but I do have to admit that to me Cara’s face always has that stupid look on it like she just stepped in gum or dog poop and didn’t know it was there or how to get it off of her shoe)

And while Cara and Brett’s team is making great progress, and their workout style is different from B&J and getting great results overall, the challenge of having to put foods in order of calories was an eye-opener for all involved. To watch the Blue Team struggle endlessly to put those five dishes in order was almost painful! Plus it made you wonder if it was going to turn into a fight near the end…makes you wonder what Brett and Cara have in their plan for giving these people “the tools” to keep the weight off once they leave the ranch. Are they expected to just subscribe to Jenny Craig or Seattle Sutton and live on delivered meals for the rest of their lives?

If you don’t understand what is going into your body you can’t control it, bottom line.

So we said goodbye to “Q” and that didn’t really make or break it for me – was anyone really rooting for him by now? I doubt it. But I do believe that it will make the Blue Team stronger which is something that the Black Team needs to watch out for this week.

It’s finally getting good, down and dirty, this is when the fighting begins. Bring it on!

Biggest Loser, tonight on NBC. 7pm Eastern/8pm Central

Don’t miss it…it’s just getting good.

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