It's not a competition, it's life

The times demand that we not settle for climbing ordinary mountains

As a child I was never very competitive. I was last in the 50 yard dash, and it didn't really bother me. I didn't really take to team sports and my family never really pushed the idea.

I joined the cross country running team in high school to lose weight, not compete. I went to every practice and all of the meets – I never ran one race. I still got my letter at the end of the year, never got the jacket to put it on because I knew it would be my first and last. Just didn't need to compete I guess.

But as I've gotten older I've gotten more competitive – don't ask me why. I don't HAVE to win, but if I am in it – I am in it to win it. Just last year I found myself trying hard to beat my friends in my bootcamp class in sprints! I was determined to be first. I had no idea that I cared until the whistle blew.

And I will only fight harder if you tell me that I can't do it, I won't be happy, or I won't finish. The days of that girl are gone, the woman with a determined mind has taken her place.

The one area of my life that I am truly competitive in is rising to the challenge. Any challenge. I've moved to foreign countries, I've gone on vacations in places that I don't speak the language and gotten lost, I've learned new sports and conquered a fear of the ocean by competing in Dragon Boat races (okay, not completely over my fear but it's more manageable I am certain)

If it's a mountain to climb, a tunnel to get through, a life-altering event to deal with I will not only survive it, I will conquer it.

And don't tell me that I can't.

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