Biggest Loser Finale!! Can you say “superbowl”?

Yes, it’s finally here and I am REALLY excited! The big finale is here and I am ready.

No Milk Duds this time (I’ve learned my lesson) but a veggie sandwich on whole wheat from Jimmy Johns is a “must do” for our Biggest Loser nights – it has become a weekly tradition in my house this season. And for dessert? Extra Dessert Delight Gum, of course 😉

So, who do you think will take home the big prize? My money is on Irene. She’s had the highest percentage of weight loss for the entire season so far and she has a lot of determination. Plus, I kind of want her to win it since she seem to be the one who really needs it.

If you think about it, Olivia has already won in her own sense. Her husband lost weight to join her in her journey, she’s won money and a car and has all she needs to embark on a new life with her husband and hopefully a house full of children soon enough. She doesn’t NEED to win, does she?

And Hannah may not have won big money (prizes of course – the $15,000 home gym she just won last week) but she’s got enough personality to make up for that, don’t you agree? If Hannah doesn’t end up with a talk show or as an emcee of something after this is all over I will be shocked! She has pretty much become the STAR of the show if you pay attention to the previews and the show’s interviews. I think that if you seriously put all of her onscreen interviews/scenes together and timed them she would have two to three times more screen time than any other contestant. Why? Because she’s just so darn likable! She’s funny, quirky, well-spoken and lovable. She doesn’t really NEED to win, she’ll be fine without it I am certain. Although she would make a great spokesperson for BL…now I’m a bit torn…

Have you noticed that I haven’t included Jay? In my opinion he won’t make it as a finalist so he’s out of the running already in my mind. He doesn’t have the charisma or the drive, or the heartbreaking story, that makes him a top pick for staying. His “nine lives” have been used up!

So, that leaves us with Irene. Shy, quiet, unassuming Irene. She needs to come out of her shell still more than she did last week and she needs to feel successful. She needs to find the strength from within to change her life, but a little bit of confetti and a check for $250,000 wouldn’t hurt either. It might lighten her load for going back to school and give her more reason to keep the weight off.

Only time will tell…fingers crossed for Irene.

One last thing, this is Jillian’s last season (bummer) which may add to the festivities of the finale. Then again, she seems to be keeping it low-key which will make me more sad if they don’t do a proper goodbye to her (sigh) I cannot imagine this show without her, seriously. Or Bob without her…
“Of all the friends I’ve made here I’m going to miss you the most, Scarecrow”

Get your big water bottle and your healthy snack – and don’t forget to do push-ups and sit-ups during the commercial breaks!

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