Good things come to those who wait…and keep quiet.

It all worked out. I kept my mouth shut and waited for the stars to align and figured if it worked out it was meant to be.

And it did. So, I guess it was.

I had promised the boys that we would take a “road trip” this summer to go back to Connecticut for a visit to the friends that we miss back there, but I really wasn’t sure if it would work out with the timing of everything else this summer. Plus, I hadn’t really cleared it with my husband and could already picture the pouting and hear the hissy fit that he would put up (since he wasn’t really included in our roadtrip and would be left to his own devices for a week, something that he pretty much detests and resents)

So…I waited. I had a feeling that it would all shake out, I just needed to do it ninja-style.

Patience has it’s own rewards. And the god’s smiled on me, in a sense. He mentioned that his cousins and uncle would be fishing this coming month and had invited him (yet again) but he begged off since he would already be gone golfing the weekend before – and that just didn’t seem fair to me and the kids for him to be gone two weekends in a row (true. and I give him big credit for that, seriously)

That is when I went into “ninja-mode”.

It starts off sweet enough, and my intentions are for everyone to win, so it’s not like I’m really lying or trying to pull a fast one. I very generously offered to give my blessing for him to go on the fishing trip that he had been invited to multiple times but never able to attend, a vacation with his family that he truly deserves and can take advantage of now that we have moved “back home”. But I went on to offer that I could easily keep the boys happy and busy with a road trip to Connecticut. They had been asking to do this since January and would really love it if we could get back for a visit. This way we’d only miss each other for a few days outside of the weekend, and he’d mainly be at work for those days. No problem, really!

His face lightened, his eyebrows went up and he said, “really?” Sure! It will be fun and the boys have been begging to go, so everyone will be happy. (smile,smile) He accepted and before he dialed his cousin’s number he turned to me and said, “you’ll need to get a new set of tires before you make that trip, you know.”

So, I am off to Connecticut with all four boys in a happy place…even my car is happy now that it is getting new tires, but my car is a girl…and I am happy, too. To see great friends, eat fresh seafood and get out of town on the open road to clear the cobwebs of the last school year and renovation project out of my brain is the best vacation I can think of at this point.

I think that we all needed this.

I just had to convince him…ninja-style.

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