Organized?… Who me??

I am trying my best this coming school year to get ahead of the curve, the huge rolling ball (think ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark‘), the never-ending challenge of getting organized…and staying that way. If my recently ditched fitness routine is any clue to my success rate I am in deep trouble.

I was the “good mom” at the end of the last school year – ordered my School Pak for each child to arrive in their classrooms on the first day of school this coming year (meant to contain everything that they need for the upcoming year with only a few exceptions – we’ll see…) I’ve tried to get in early and round-out the supply drawer at home with “homework supplies”.

I have all of their medical records copied in triplicate and filed in my lovely file, sitting on my kitchen counter, for easy access. I have spent part of my summer going through their clothes to sort out what fits and what doesn’t – our oldest went through an amazing growth spurt this past spring and now he’s all over the board with sizes, his shoes have gotten bigger while his pant size has gotten smaller! Go figure.

I have also checked all pertinent websites, activity schedules, and scheduled doctor/dentist appointments and marked our “family calendar” with a fine-point Sharpie (which, to be honest, is more MY calendar since nobody else really looks at it and seem to rely on me to keep it all organized and handled). I have even purchased more “eco friendly” snack bags and lunch bag items to feel better about those sack lunches this year.


Now the true test comes this week when the boys begin school and I have to test-drive this baby. There are always a few “unknowns” once the year begins, of course. I’ve managed to score the title of “room parent” this year which will add to my calendar, not to mention the requests for volunteers for recess duty and center help. The occasional school event and the catechism class that I have also volunteered to instruct, figuring that my youngest will be there anyway I may as well be there too. It all balances precariously once the school year begins, but for now I have a good feeling and a positive attitude that it will all flow seamlessly and without much difficulty.

But a phrase I have read often over time keeps popping into my head: fail to plan or plan to fail. Which one have I accomplished? Only time will tell, but until that time let me feel organized…even if it’s only for another day or two…it’s on my calendar already.

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