Social Ineptitude practiced here

It’s the beginning of a new year and I realize that I have not yet set a goal list of resolutions for myself. Maybe that should be my resolution? ‘I will not make any further deceiving, naive, blind and/or stupid empty promises to myself in the year of 2012’. This includes the tried and true biggies: losing weight, exercising more, eating healthy everyday, not yelling at my kids, being a more positive parent on a daily basis, meeting my husbands needs and desires for what he expects out of the “perfect wife” .

Whew! That was a tough one, but I think I can manage this for a year.

Instead, I will try to be honest with myself and those around me, and stop trying to make everyone happy at my own expense. I will take the time to lounge in a bath filled with hot scented water, read a good book just because, go for that extra jog alone because it is a sunny day, and say “no” when asked to volunteer for something that I truly have no desire to be a part of. I will let those around me who feel that they should lead do exactly that, and I will get out of their way and let them bask in their own glory of accomplishment. I will be a better friend to those that are good friends to me.

Sometimes it’s not about what you should give up or get rid of, it’s about putting it all in perspective and prioritizing. The rest will fall in line…I am certain.

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