Why Is Bringing Up Divorce Considered to Be Awkward?

The days of the ‘Scarlet Letter’ regarding divorce should be done and over with, but sadly, they are not it seems. It’s a part of life and relationships and we all need help to navigate new territory, why should divorce be any different?

Lessons From the End of a Marriage

The headline on my news feed grabbed my attention.

Kelly Ripa Wraps Up First Week Back to ‘Live!’ With Awkward Divorce Comment to Michael Strahan

The names didn’t garner my notice – I haven’t seen Kelly Ripa since she was a newbie next to Regis and I had never even heard Michael Strahan’s name at that point.

What drew my eye was “awkward divorce.” And so I clicked.

And grew confused. I have not seen the clip, but from what I have read, the comment didn’t seem to merit the backlash it has been getting. The, “How dare she bring up his divorces?” As though the mere mention of divorce is taboo.

Fueling the stigma and feeding the shame surrounding divorce.

Maybe I’m just desensitized from years of teaching middle schoolers who randomly shout out things like, “How old were you when you first kissed a boy?” in the middle…

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3 thoughts on “Why Is Bringing Up Divorce Considered to Be Awkward?

  1. sdcannon says:

    This drives me crazy. What’s the thing about a million stories in the naked city?….kinda like being married. No less than one million things can go wrong and unless you were one of the two people there, you will never know what they were….sometimes even if you were there (???) People need to get the hell over it. It’s not the 50’s anymore .


  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. It seems you can’t swing a cat in my neighborhood without hitting a divorced couple, or a soon-to-be divorced couple. It makes the idea of talking about it in hushed tones seem even more ridiculous.


  3. I agree that talking about it is essential. If I can help someone else see the danger signs. I personally know some women who have NO idea what their husbands have been up to. I can only drop the hints. I can’t make them see.


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