Tell me a story about your life…

This will surely be the title of the book that I always talk about writing. So make sure to check your or websites in the near future for the further adventures of Crazybutttricia!

This really started off as something that the kids would ask while we were traveling or just sitting around the dinner table. They were fairly young, I want to say that Braeden was only about 4 or 5 years old. I guess that I must have shared a few “when I was growing up” type of stories, like every other parent has, that stuck with them and made them want to hear more.

Could be the storyteller’s ability to tell a good story that kept them coming back, or the shear disbelief that these were really actual events from my childhood (who could make this stuff up, really??) So I kept adding to the rich verbal history as the years went by and they kept asking for more.

I have to admit, there are a few stories that I have edited from my childhood – or should I say I have put into the vault for a later date, when they are ready to comprehend such ideas and are old enough not to have nightmares…but the “child-friendly” stories still keep their attention.

Maybe I will share a few with you, dear reader. Are you ready to hear the weirdness that was my childhood? I was once told by my mother that you will always find weirdness in big families, it’s not just us. Sometimes I wonder if we got more than our share…

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