An entrepreneur, an inventor, a writer??

I have thought of starting my own business many times, the idea of being in charge of my own fate and future thrills me, but I have too many ideas on what type of business to start with! So many ideas, possible inventions and books that I should write makes me stand still in my tracks. But this year is the “year of action” for me – time to make some of those dreams come true and to prove to myself that my ideas are worthy of follow-thru. We’ll see…maybe you’ll see my business advertised in our local paper or my invention as one of those “as seen on TV products”! How awesome would that be?!

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3 thoughts on “An entrepreneur, an inventor, a writer??

  1. mirta says:

    Hey gorgious! well done! I have been “thinking” of doing the same thing but also thought that it would just be another thing that I have to keep updating and I can’t even keep up with the emails.
    Good for you!
    I tell you what I have managed to do and that is scrap 4 pages this month. My goal is to scrap 2003 and Hannahs baby book in the 2 years we are in Holland.
    Another goal is that we see each other again this year,
    Have to wake the kids and get the school day rolling now
    lots of love mirta


    • Thank you Mirta! A blog is a new idea for me and I agree that it is one more thing to keep updating, but it doesn’t carry the responsibility of “response” the way email does – or Facebook for that matter!

      It sounds as if you’ve got quite a “to do” list made for yourself the next two years – can you come to my house and make me start as well? I’m hoping to reclaim my scrapbooking soon, once I have a room of my own in the upstairs playroom (the boys will be forced to the newly remodeled basement once it’s finished, thank goodness!)

      I’ve posted a few of our South Africa photos as a test and also because I would love to go back and to have another adventure with you! We will definitely see each other this year, I will make it happen. You and your family are always welcome in Chicago – we have the room now. But it doesn’t compare to S.A. or Dubai, now does it?

      Love you and miss you LOADS!!


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