BL 1/18/11

Tonight is THE night!

We will finally meet the “mystery trainers” and see what all of the “hubbub” is about! DO NOT MISS the first 10 MINUTES, that’s when it’s all going to be revealed (is your DVR set?? Check it and make sure!)

I am almost sitting on the edge of my seat with anticipation!! (can you tell??)

But to be ready for this week we should do a quick recap from last week …

First off, to really get a fire burning in the B&J team, Ali basically scolds the team and tells them that they are losers for not beating the Mystery team (that’s my take on how she did it anyway; her delivery was course and unnecessary) or as she is quoted: they didn’t just beat you, they  annihilated you! Well, Bob didn’t take to that attitude very well and told Ali to “screw off” (basically; again my take on it – if he could really say what he was thinking I think that that would be it…) As if these people need to be beaten down any further?! Like that will make good TV to have Ali (with her freakish choice of outfits) casting judgement over a group of severely obese people? Isn’t that what high school was for??

And to add to the motivation (aside from humiliation), the B&J team is offered a challenge: if they can lose more weight than the Mystery Team they will each receive $10,000… AND IMMUNITY !! Now there’s a deal and a motivator for anyone!

I have to say that I was a bit disappointed to hear Bob tell the team later on that Jillian was unable to work with them last week – was she sick, or just shooting another commercial, mag cover or designing a new shoe for Fila?? Please! This is no time to let your team down or to have them at a disadvantage – plus, many of them CHOSE to be on this team. Make it count! (sorry, it’s hard to hide my disgust sometimes) But in the end the B&J team was triumphant, winning the challenge (by 11 pounds in reality, but with the 3 pound disadvantage it was brought down to 8). And Irene, who was sad at the beginning of the week was the BL of the week losing 10 pounds. Who’s smiling now?? Hopefully Arthur can also keep his resolve to stick to his diet and keep those double digits coming and Courtney will keep up her good work and make it to the Final Four (can’t help myself, I love rooting for a good Indiana girl with a challenge)

Done with the recap and ready for the curtain to be pulled back to reveal the “mystery trainers” tonight. I’ve got my own feelings about them, but I will keep that opinion to myself until next time. I know, hard to believe isn’t it?!

But the question(s) that I have regarding this division of teams is: what will happen when week four is over and the MT loses their guarantee for immunity? Will the teams be brought back together at that point or keep training separately? What will happen when the numbers dwindle and they all have to come back together? Who will be the trainers? There will be some very hard feelings (I’m guessing) and some bad attitudes toward people that they never got the chance to know. This is quite a sociological study in human nature isn’t it?

Soon there will be blood in the water. This is just starting to get good…


Tonight, NBC 8pm Central/7pm Eastern…BE THERE

(and don’t forget your healthy snacks and oversized water bottle!!)

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