Plus 9?! Plus 9?! Are you freaking kidding me?!

Never in the history of this show (or in my own memory) has there been a weigh-in throw like this (even Melissa from the red team on Season 9 didn’t go this far, and Jillian gave her a piece of her mind and called her a liar on national TV!). I truly expected Bob or Jillian to turn into a lunatic and begin a total rant on the twins, but I was left feeling empty and disappointed…I miss the old Jillian (sigh)

Everyone misses home, and their families, and their everyday life while at the ranch, but to basically just throw it all away with the weany excuse of “I miss my 9 year old daughter so much” makes me want to puke! As if nobody else has children and for Dan to even say that he’s not a quitter and could do it on his own just made me angry. Angry for all of the other people who try out to be on this show – and truly NEED to be there – and didn’t get a spot because of him and his twin. Weakness is annoying, especially on a show about “getting my life back” (if I have to hear that stupid line one  more time I may have to vomit into a bucket like Arthur did this week!)

What a surprise ending, what a depressing state of the human race as we know it. Or is it just Americans? Are we so full of ourselves that we fight against those that are there to help us?? Do we feel that we always know best, when by example of our previous life we’ve proven otherwise? When does the madness end??

Personally I think that his fixation on his 9 year old daughter was beginning to border on creepy. Not much mention of his wife…hmmm… Plus, he’s a police captain with a son that had drug problem and died from it. He needs more than the Biggest Loser to save him from his demons if you really look think about it. That’s a whole other show, though.

One thing I am happy about from this is that Courtney and Arthur are safe for another week – and I’d love to get more details as to why Arthur wasn’t able to be in the gym this week. Was he ill? But if he was ill, why was he able to swim? It doesn’t add up, but there has to be a real reason…doesn’t there?

One last thing, not very “wowed” by the “mystery trainers” at this point. Maybe they’ll grow on me, but I’m not so sure. I guess that I’m a purist when it comes to Biggest Loser. Oh well…until next week.

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