Still working on it…

Still haven’t got this animal figured out, but I will conquer this beast!! So many things I could be doing, so many ideas…the “help” part tried to tell me to narrow down my ideas. How do I narrow down my ideas from a million into anything that resembles any sort of order? I ask you…too many ideas, not enough time in the day to get even one to full bloom. (sigh)

But the important part is that I am “blogging” and that is something. Something that I never dreamed of before – of course, “before” can mean earlier in my life when the internet was some space-age idea and nobody had even heard of a home computer, much less a “blog”. What does “blog” mean anyway? I’m sure that if I google it I’ll find it, but it definitely doesn’t seem naturally apparent to me. Maybe I’m too old to get it? Yikes! How cruel to even think so!

Soon enough I will have this little spot on the internet highway looking just as streamlined as those other whipper-snappers, with lots of cool stuff on it. Yeah, I said it, cool stuff.

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