Creative Expression is an Art Form


My creativity shows when I least expect it I believe. I don’t go out of my way to “express my creativity” – that seems so…uncreative. I have an art degree, which by definition should tell the world that I am indeed creative, but I don’t usually point that out to anyone. The reason? Too much pressure.

You see, once you’re pegged as a “creative type” people change their expectations of you. You go from someone that they may trust with the big project to someone who’s flighty and needs to be given tasks that don’t count as much, the person that they’re not willing to invest in for fear that you won’t live up to the expectation. You’re not a “doer” in most people’s eyes. Plus, if there is a creative project (the school art fair, the company Christmas party, etc) and they know that you’re the creative type they turn to you and expect to be “wow-ed” by your ideas. And when they’re not? The disappointment is visible. (sigh)

I don’t do well with pressure of this kind. I guess you could say that I am an introverted creative type.

If you listen very closely and watch me from a distance…I may just blow your mind. It’s been known to happen. Really.

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