BL 1/25/11

I can’t say it (or write it) enough…plus 9 pounds?! Plus 9 pounds?!

Are you freaking kidding me??

That’s what we left our contestants thinking to themselves last week on BL. One of the twins was sent home – the whiny one, thankfully – and the other remains to prove that he “truly wants to be there” (like we haven’t heard that before!) and to show the world that he’s not a quitter (like his slacker brother…) And we all know that everyone can have a bad week – look at Courtney’s weight loss from last week – but plus 9 tells the world that they were trying to gain weight and weren’t even smart enough to make it look good. And they’re police captains! For the love of Extra gum! (mint chocolate chip, of course…)

Why do people try out for this show and then martyr themselves on National TV? Why do they complain and whine about how much they miss their families and offer to go home in the place of other people that they barely know? Don’t they watch this show before they try out?! Did they think it was an easy ride, with secret family get-togethers and late-night buffets? If it was the first season I could understand, but we’re at Season 11 folks! Get a grip on reality!!

Personally, I think there should be a disclaimer or addendum to their contracts once they accept a spot on BL stating that if they ever utter the words or phrases “I’m not 100 percent here” or “I just miss _____” (fill in the blank) or anything similar in message meaning that they don’t really want to be there, they will be promptly booted out the door and will be responsible for their own airfare along with the cost of the taxi ride to the airport.

No limo, no homecoming party pre-planned. Just “there’s the door, slacker.” Maybe then they’d really think before they signed on the dotted line.

Aaaarrrrggggghhhh!!!! (my frustration is too much to contain sometimes)

Hopefully this week everyone is on track and we’ve weeded out the weakest of the herd. But have we?? I have a sneaking feeling that Arthur’s dad is only there for Arthur and isn’t totally sold on the idea that he also needs to be there. And as for the other twin…they were awfully similar in their weight loss (and weight gain!), not to mention every other area of their lives. But only time will tell, won’t it?

I won’t even get into the “mystery trainers” this week – I’m still too disgusted by last week’s twin sideshow…the time will come when the MT team loses their immunity and has to really play the game.

Speaking of time…NBC, Tuesday night 8pm/7pm central

I’ve got my water bottle ready and my healthy snack

(the Milk Duds are off my radar ever since I lost a filling with one…sad, but true)

One last comment…what the hell is Bob doing making tax return commercials?! Has the Earth shifted off of it’s axis and life as we know it is spiraling toward a black hole where black is white and TV trainers are tax return advisors?? He has “people” who do that for him, doesn’t he?

Just curious…

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