Welcome to Week 5 Unknowns!

If you are as excited as I am about this week you’ve probably already checked-out the episode recap

and other details on http://www.nbc.com/the-biggest-loser

It’s always good to see it broken down into bite-sized pieces to easily digest and relive…but I have to comment on Don (are you surprised? I didn’t think so.) If anyone really believes that supposed rant of his to Jillian I’ve got an Oscar with my name on it to show you! Are we really supposed to believe that he and his brother had no idea that they were going to gain weight last week?? Maybe they didn’t expect to gain NINE POUNDS EACH, but they had to be doing something to reverse the affects of working out 6 hours a day.

C’mon! anyone who is trying (read that again: TRYING) to lose weight knows the frustration with eating that one teensy helping of something forbidden and having to pay for it the next day or week. And usually it’s just a pound, maybe two. But NINE POUNDS?! and they have no idea?! Please, Officer Don, I want you to swear that in a court of law.

On other subjects and players I wasn’t too surprised by, Courtney’s need to have a mother/daughter talk and define herself to Marci was typical for BL. It’s Ashley (pink team Season 9) and her mom all over again. “it’s not your fault, it’s mine” blah, blah, blah. While that may be the grown-up thing to do and admirable to let that parent off the hook we can’t help but think to ourselves (or at least I can’t help but think to myself) that it is partly the parent’s fault. Where do our children learn their eating habits and their fitness habits? We can’t keep blaming fast food advertising for this people. It all begins at home, within your four walls. Man up and admit it! If it wasn’t a parent’s fault that parent wouldn’t also be there for Godssake! (or also be 100 pounds overweight, or on diabetes meds, etc.)

I know that it makes good TV, but it’s not a true reality check. I wish that they had a mediator come in for these talks and say something like, “well Courtney that is a very important step for you to take responsibility for yourself and your future health, and I applaud you for that, but really don’t you think that your Mom and Dad had something to do with the fact that you were 400 pounds before you turned 18? Shouldn’t your parents own up to the fact that they never cooked a decent meal and always stocked the cupboards with Doritos, Fritos and other processed foods? That you never really had a naturally cooked vegetable in your life until you came to the Ranch?? I’m writing to NBC and offer that suggestion…

The real kick for tonight will be when the two groups are reunited and we see if they are going to support each other or play against each other. How will the new trainers fit into this on a weekly basis? I personally think that when the “unknown” team comes back to the Ranch there will be a true line of division for the next few weeks until teams start getting picked-off. Should prove to be interesting. A new psychological twist for BL.

Tonight a new beginning for half of the teams and a new avenue for BL’s trainers.

Watch it, 8pm/7pm Eastern on NBC.

I’ll be watching, how about you?

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