Ranting…just because

Every have “one of those days” and wonder what the hell you did to deserve it? Today is my day, I guess.

It started out lovely enough – school was back in session, the boys woke up happy and ready to go, I had my first Apple/Mac class in our new location, made my maiden voyage to the Container Store…and the morning was going well, really. Then…it began.

It only started with an innocent email (isn’t that how it usually begins? I wonder…) My son’s kindergarten teacher, who is one of the sweetest women I have ever met, sent out an email to myself and another mother regarding the upcoming class party that we were enlisted to bring items to. A reminder? Sort of, but more of an informational reminder in my opinion. The third mother – who, in my opinion, obviously has parenting issues and lacks any decent social skills adequate of adult status – had already supplied all expected supplies and insisted (yes, INSISTED) that she really, REALLY wanted to do this all herself. Is that okay with us??

Well, dear reader, if you know me at all, most days I would shrug it off and say “rock on, more power to you” but for some unknown reason it just didn’t sit right with me. Maybe it was the added comment of “your jobs have already been taken care of” or “you can still attend” that put me in a foul mood, as if I needed a consolation prize from some higher being and that this would suffice.

Let’s mention here that this party duty was assigned to me by the luck of not being able to attend the first parent meeting of the year where all of the over-achieving parents vie for special placement on the volunteer roster. So I drew the short straw, so to say, by getting the Valentine’s party in the first place. Seriously, anybody with any experience in school activities knows that Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the “biggies” – Valentine’s Day is sort of a filler until you get to Easter, and thankfully everyone can celebrate it the same way!

It’s not the pre-purchased paper products that I am lamenting over, it’s the thoughtlessness of one individual that affects others because they are too self-centered to realize that they are creating a “situation” where once there was none. How, you may ask? Had the idiot parent just picked up a telephone – oh excuse me, a cellphone or iPhone – or even emailed the other two parents involved and made their case to go it alone I am sure that my reaction would have been much tamer. But she involved the teacher as if she was unable to reach us any other way (we do have a school directory and there has already been an email list circulated in the first month of the year, so it’s certainly not unimaginable to make personal contact on your own with another parent from your child’s class) and figured that this was the perfect solution…not!

Okay, so I’m ranting. It didn’t help that my contractor decided to declare another “snow day” for himself without a phone call, or that my vacuum fell apart the first week that I have decided not to have a cleaning service clean my lovely home, or the 45 minute wait for 5 minute sandwiches to be delivered from Jimmy Johns, or…need I go on??

Yes, it’s just “one of those days”. Could it be that whole rollercoaster ride of relocation that I am feeling or is it just general frustration with life in general? Are people just more stupid than they were when I was a kid, or am I just more demanding and just as big of an idiot for making those demands?

Grrrrrr…it’s making my head hurt and I feel like kicking a puppy

(not really, it’s just a metaphor, trust me)

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