Tell them I'm not home!

Telemarketers Leave Me Alone!

A telemarketer!! That is one of the most aggravating calls to receive, anytime of day or night. But I have to admit that I do have some sympathy for those that have to make those calls, since I once tried it as a part-time job…and hated it!!

My palms broke out in a rash, I felt sick to my stomach everyday before I went in to work and could not stand the rejection and rudeness of some of the people that I had on my call lis – I actually had one guy scream at me that I was disturbing his ailing mother who had just had open heart surgery with my phone call (and I was just giving away a free Sears charge card!)

So the next time a telemarketer calls, as much as you hate the thought of it, try to show some kindness and politely reject them if you must reject what they are offering. It’s a really tough job and only a few are very good at it, trust me.

One last tip: they need to hear you say “no” three times before they can accept and hang-up. Really.

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