Go big or go home!

I don’t know what you thought of last week’s incredibly lopsided weigh-in (no pun intended…wait, is there one there? anyway…) but I was gobsmacked at the numbers that the “mystery team” was pulling down. Double digits!! And the sickening part: someone from the team HAD to go home! How ridiculous is that?!

And what really irritated me aside from that incredible imbalance on the show, was when Q made such a plea to stay because he’s “not strong enough to go home and do it alone” – but his wife is?! Talk about throwing someone under the bus. He’s a slacker and and selfish, I think that we can all agree on that from what we’ve heard about his need to “get my burn”.  Then and now it’s not about the team at all, it’s all about Q. Which must also transfer into his marriage from what we can tell by his actions. And talk about a reason for Larialmy to seek counseling (aside from her odd name that I can’t even begin to understand how to pronounce from it’s spelling) – she’s put herself last…again. So, basically, she’s learned nothing about WHY she got to this point if you really want to get into it.

While the B&J team is getting numbers like 4 or 6 (and they’re HAPPY?!) they are able to have immunity as a group. You’ve got to ask yourself “what’s the point of this season?” Really.

Seriously. Are we supposed to feel good about Bob and Jillian this season or learn to turn on them? After all that they have done for us, and for those lost souls that have come to them looking for hope and a new life, are we the at-home viewers gearing up to kick them to the curb? It appears that way to me. What are they doing wrong this season? What is wrong with this group of people this time around? Don’t they get it??

Just take a look at past seasons and the numbers that those people were putting up on that board. We had Rudy doing double digits just about every week! And even the women were giving us more than 3 or 4 pounds…with the exception of the slacker Elizabeth from last season, but I digress.

I’m definitely not ready to give up on B&J, but c’mon guys! Make us believe in you! Do some real butt-kicking and make them not only sweat, but cry!! I want to see these people actually TRY to lose weight, not just “celebrate the little accomplishments” . If I wanted to watch that B.S.  I’d join Weight Watchers and go to a meeting every Tuesday night, for Godssakes! Not waste my time watching these lazy butts, that’s for sure.

Newsflash: everyone is NOT a winner! Geeze, what is wrong with this country?? You can’t always feel good about bad things. Sometimes you’ve got to get angry and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

So we look to tonight for some new answers – hopefully. Maybe this is a turning point for B&J. I sincerely hope so, they need a wake-up call and so do their players.

On a side note, it didn’t take long for Brett to cash-in on the advertisement dollars did it? HA! I knew it! (yes, a bit smug, but I could see that coming a mile away. Next he’ll be hawking his DVDs of his soon-to-be famous karate workout…mark my words)

Tonight on NBC: Biggest Loser Season 11

8pm Eastern/7pm Central

And if you’ve started to lose patience with this show (which I am sad to say I feel that I am this season) you might want to check out “HEAVY”.

It’s a new show made by the same guys who came up with the brainchild of Biggest Loser. It’s only been on for three weeks, but it’s pretty impressive. Two real people with morbid obesity and real problems working with two “unknowns” trying to set them on the road to a normal life and good health. Check your local listings or look for it on On-Demand. Trust me, if you like BL you’ll love this too. 😉

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