You know that you have an addiction when your youngest child wakes up on Tuesday morning and, before saying “good morning”, announces “it’s Tuesday and that means it’s Biggest Loser night!” with a big smile. Is that wrong?…anyway…

To watch the contestants at home last week, and to see what they struggled with, was so sad and depressing for the most part (to me). You have to ask yourself, have these people NEVER seen the show before?? They know that the players will come home and have to apply what they’ve learned to real life, so why don’t their families and friends try to HELP them? It was incredible to see Austin’s friends try to entice him into eating cheesecake, cheese fries and burgers for his 21st birthday (as well as a pitcher of beer I’m guessing) The guy hasn’t had a girlfriend ever, finally is on the road to success and some “friend” of his is saying “one piece won’t kill you – it’s your favorite, and it’s your birthday!” She was thin, by the way, and probably never entertained a thought of him before as anything more than a friend to tell her boyfriend troubles to and thinks this is cute behavior.

He should have pushed her down the stairs.

The biggest moment was at the end when each contestant had to declare who they wanted as their trainers for the next half of the competition after the 5K challenge. We all new that Arthur wasn’t going to win it. But admit it, you were rooting for him not to be last. He’s sort of gotten under your skin – you hate to think so because he can be such an idiot, and he’s obviously lacking in any real direction, otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten up to 600 pounds in the first place. But when it came down to watching the treadmill race, I know that I really wanted him to be safe to stay with Bob and Jillian. He needs to be with them.

It wasn’t meant to be, though. For some reason, Sara decided to grow a pair and “make a choice”. Wait…what?? It seemed a bit too dramatic for me to believe that right at the end she came out of her shell and was ready to declare her independence. Suddenly she wanted to be her own person and think of herself and do what was right for herself. Don’t misunderstand, I applaud her for her growing confidence, but she knew what the consequences would be for someone else and decided then – at THAT moment – to put herself first and basically screw someone else in the process. Someone who needs to be there more than anybody else.

Had she done it and made the choice with a determination, actually CHOSE Bob and Jillian for a real reason which means NOT CHOOSING Brett and Cara, I would have understood. But it was that quirky little smile and shoulder shrug that pissed me off. “I just thought I needed a change”…It was the need to be the center of attention, to be in control of not only her destiny but someone else’s in my opinion, and for all of the wrong reasons. (Remember, she had her mother miss her sister’s wedding to be on BL with her ,to help her in her journey – a phrase of which I am soooo sick of hearing at this point I could vomit – this is someone with attention issues…)

But, then again, it was Arthur that made her switch teams in the first place, so maybe the underlying reason was just this simple: payback is a bitch. And that bitch is named Sara (and Jen, who also broke rank with the Red team and went back to the Black team as soon as she was able)

In the end, Arthur was the sacrificial lamb for the Red team. Anything to protect “the family” (did you hear that gag sound? that was me…) when in reality Kaylee should have been sent home. One pound?? Are you freaking kidding me?! If she wasn’t trying to be the new super trainer for her town and actually worked out herself, she would have lost weight. That whole “pay it forward” attitude only works once you actually make it to your goal. Otherwise you pay out of your own account and only lose ONE FREAKIN’ POUND!

Makes you wonder what they are really getting out of this experience, doesn’t it? Let’s look at the numbers and the players for just a moment: the Red Team is stacked with big guys who need to lose big numbers and should, by past season’s examples, be pulling double digits WEEKLY. The Black Team is completely made up of women – and not 500 pound women – that have consistently beaten the Red Team at the weigh-ins. These women are pulling DOUBLE DIGITS! Marcy lost 16 POUNDS!


I see a bleak future for the new trainers at this point (thankfully!) They don’t seem to realize that what they are doing isn’t working any longer – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…but hear’s news, this baby is broke! Boxing is great for card, but so is running and swimming and walking and so many other things along with eating right and making good choices. You need to change up your workouts to keep getting results. “It’s not rocket science”, right Brett??

Tonight we’ll see how the teams get back on track and if the Black Team can still keep the momentum going. The Red Team may have to go cannibal tonight and actually vote off one of “the family”.

Ooooohhhh, I hope so, I really do hope so.

Biggest Loser, tonight on NBC

Get your Strawberry Shortcake Extra Gum and get ready to be “wowed”


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