Who returns to BL this week??

Who could it be? This week’s show promises to deliver a new surprise for the contestants and, by the looks of the previews, some are not handling this week as well as others. Have you seen Alli’s response to someone with regards that “This is not a prison. If you do not want to be here anymore you are free to leave.”

Wow! Bring it on, Alli.

Of course, there are lots of preview scenes of Bob and Jillian covering their eyes and looking gobsmacked, but what else is new? (that used to be my favorite part of the weigh-ins: watching Bob’s face with his wide-eyed jaw-dropping reaction…he’s so jaded now that he doesn’t even react sometimes…sad, very sad…) At least we’re not being tortured with more bug-eyed looks from Cara in the previews, thank goodness!

As for last week’s results I have to say that I was disappointed in the entire team as a whole. A group loss of 65 pounds should have been an easy mark to make, especially once they won the pop-challenge that gave them a 5 pound advantage. (gotta say, neither my boys or I thought that they were going to pull it off at one point) It does make you wonder if winning that advantage made them slack off a bit, or trust themselves too much to hit their goal.


The sad, but expected, part was watching Marci take the hit for the team. I expected it, truly. She is the type to take one for the team and, let’s be honest, she’s made her goal weight already and only has 18% body fat at this point. What more could she do?? She looks awesome and is so good-hearted it’s hard to find fault in her request. The hardest part was watching her give her “goodbye” speech which resembled a funeral or memorial. The amount of tears from those girls was just an incredible, emotional outpouring that you don’t usually see – at least not to this extreme. We know that Marci is in a good place and happy with her accomplishments, and that’s what counts.

Along with the “mystery returning contestant” the group will now be divided into FOUR teams. Hmmmm…can’t wait to see how that works out. So who will we find walking into the gym this week? Hard to tell, but it has made me wonder (which is better than most of the weeks leading up to now) Will the returning player be Arthur? That would be so fantastic! And somewhat reasonable – he is the neediest (health-wise) contestant EVER in BL history. Or could it be one of the twins? I highly doubt that either one of them would even consider coming back – why, so they could throw the weigh-in to be sent home again?? Maybe it’s Q? THAT would bring some drama back to the ranch, now wouldn’t it? He didn’t leave feeling love from his fellow red team. Coming back could create some juicy confrontations.

Hmmm…very curious…

So many possibilities, so many plot lines that are thickening as we ponder. It’s warming up, not “hot” yet, but the heat has been turned up a notch and I am ready to bask in the glow.

Tuesday night 7pm Central/8pm Eastern time on NBC

Biggest Loser

Grab a seat, get a snack in your Ziploc bag

or get your Extra “Dessert Delights” gum ready,

it’s a new beginning for one and the beginning of the end for another

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