One team? Really??

I have to admit that I’m not that pumped about tonight’s episode of Biggest Loser. Why? Because I don’t see the challenge in having the entire group try to lose 65 pounds total, and I don’t get the point of putting the teams together to do it.

Don’t misunderstand, I am all for making the two teams work together to test their mental stamina and to “break down the barriers” and all of that blather. I understand the challenge of the alphas of the two teams having to bend – or not bend – and how that makes for good TV viewing, but let’s be honest here…65 pounds? 65 pounds to lose between 13 people? Seriously?

I realize that the pounds are getting harder to lose as the teams get closer to their goals, especially for the black team (have you taken a good look at Marci lately? Wow! She is rockin’ fit!) When you take a good, long look at the rest of the contestants we should be seeing double digits from a few of them…regularly. Have we forgotten about Rudy, or Michael or Danny already?! This is truly possible if they are really following the plan and not just talking a big game (or if they have trainers that know how to change it up to get better results) We still see huge guys on this show this season that are not pulling the numbers that they should be able to, in my opinion, but have lots of excuses.

So, you can understand my disgust and apathy towards tonight’s installment. Somewhere along the way we’ve lost the real feeling of what Biggest Loser was all about and why it sucked us in to tuning in to it in the first place. Yes, I get that it’s a show and a game, but I want to see some amazing results from people who desperately need to lose weight and “get their life back”. Less game playing and “family making” and more burning the calories and letting go of the extra baggage (no pun intended) please.

With that said, last week’s elimination didn’t really surprise me (were you surprised? I didn’t think so.) It was to be expected from any group that has been sweating and suffering together for weeks and adopted a new member late into the struggle. Sara shouldn’t have expected any other outcome – her previous team showed her how close those ties were when they voted off Arthur, and before him Glen. You can’t change teams “for a change” and expect to be coddled when the team is up against the wall and has to choose to give someone the boot.

Tonight we’ll see what happens…who “plays well with others” is what the tittle should be. One more thing, just something that I read on Facebook and had to laugh, one comment on BL’s page was “hopefully Cara gets voted off this week!” Amen to that, sister!

Biggest Loser tonight, on NBC, 7pm Central and 8pm Eastern


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