A new day, a new week (thank God!)

Thank goodness we made it through another weekend without much of a struggle. When did it become more work to be home as a family than it was to get everyone off to school and work? Is it wrong to look forward to Monday morning…after 8:30am?

If it’s wrong… I don’t wanna be right!


The peace, the quiet, the time to think alone without hearing my name or having a little face (or a big, unshaven face for that matter) peering at me asking me for one more thing – or to “watch” one more trick/accomplishment/video on YouTube (ugh!)

I love them all, but nobody is meant to be tuned in all day everyday are they? Or is it just me being a grouch waiting for better weather and a reason to run – run – run? Maybe a bit of both.

In the end, today is Monday and I am glad.

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