Just a few things worth waiting for…

Keith Richards on the Big Screen

1. A table at a fabulous restaurant, or even a small fish fry bar, that the food is sublime and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. It's not just the food, it's everything about it. You feel as if you've won the lottery somehow just by being there, so waiting is a small price to pay at that point.

2. Any line that my boys have asked me to stand in to make their "dream" come true. That could be a rollercoaster ride, a chance to sit on the lap of the Easter Bunny, or signing up for baseball for the season. To see the sparkle in their eyes and the glowing smile when we are successful makes it all worthwhile (even in the blistering sun, or the dead of winter…)

3. Waiting in line, and sleeping on the streets of Milwaukee for two days/nights, to buy Rolling Stones tickets in the 80's. The experience (my first and only time really) of meeting so many different people with the same interest, sharing food and drinks with total strangers and the feeling that we were doing something wild and wonderful was definitely worth it. Oh, and to realize that we were FIRST in line helped. Fifth row center, baby!!

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