Biggest Loser: Every man/woman for themselves, baby!

Tonight we separate the boys/girls from the men/women don’t we? It’s time to stand on your own two feet and prove that you’ve got what it takes – and to take responsibility for your own weight loss (or gain, as is the case for so many weeks lately)

Should be interesting to see how Kaylee manages this week, she’s been on again off again for the past 4 weeks – which, in my opinion, they should have let her go home when she had her “aha moment” three weeks ago that she was “ready”. Very Zen of her at the time, or Buddhist…what’s the point of making someone stay out of fatherly guilt? These people need to get a grip and stop acting like it’s a prison sentence to be there. They auditioned and tried out to be there, remember??

It’s a game and it’s about making life changes. One of those life changes being making decisions for yourself and standing up for what you want or believe in, right? Kaylee caved to pressure from Moses, and I found that irritating. Can you tell?

While I am geared for tonight’s episode – New Zealand and water challenges, what’s not to love? – I am a bit disgusted that they are bringing Brett back to train again. Say what? Correct me if I am wrong, but do any of the losing contestants get to return to try again once they are sent home? NO. And that should go for the trainers this season as well. The idea of separate trainers and teams was built into this season’s game playing and it made it a bit more interesting to know that their jobs were basically on the line – as it would be in real life, don’t you think? I mean, seriously, if you were training with someone to hit certain goals and you weren’t making those goals wouldn’t you fire them and find a new trainer? He failed, so he was sent home. Fair. Bringing him back? Not fair. Maybe we should ask Courtney how she feels about that??

(not to mention the fact that he’s a 2D version of a person most times…”it makes me sad”. Very deep Brett, don’t hold back, really)

And yes, I would stand by my conviction, even if it was my dearly beloved Bob or Jillian. That’s how the game was set up and I’m all about playing by the rules – and not this crap that “everyone is a winner” because…they’re NOT!!

Whew! I’m almost exhausted from that rant. Time to chew my Extra Dessert Delights gum (key lime pie is my new face) for a pick-me-up and a big water jug to replenish my fluids. I’ve got to make it to tonight, to watch the drama unfold.

Biggest Loser


7pm/8pm Eastern


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