Who’s walking??

Tonight we’re supposed to see someone “walk off the ranch…and it’s not who you think!”

Hmmm…who do you think it is??

The possibilities are endless, and the reasons even more so for most of them. What could make someone walk off the ranch? Are they able to come back or is that it for them? Also, will that be in addition to the person that is voted off tonight? We could be thinning the pack by two tonight! (no pun intended)

So many possibilities, it makes your head spin!

If I had to guess, I’d say it is either Rulon or Austin. I know that Rulon seems the obvious choice, but he’s been quiet and keeping his head down lately, which leads me to believe that a storm could be brewing. As for Austin, his unraveling could come after his dad was eliminated last week and he’s been struggling a bit anyway. But those are possibly too obvious…Irene? She barely says a word and keeps her numbers on target. Kaylee? again, too obvious.

I’m stumped!!

Of course, it could be a trainer, which would lead me to think of Cara (no, it’s not wishful thinking either…well, maybe a little bit…) She has struggled keeping people focused and believing in her as a trainer for a good portion of the season. She was shaken by Brett’s departure (reality check) and the end is near causing a bit more stress than usual. Hmmm…could be Cara.

In any event, we’ll find out tonight won’t we?

The end is near, the finish line is in sight, so the next few weeks are going to separate the champions from the losers. Time to see some real game play and some hard decisions being made – and in case you missed it last week, there is no love lost between Rulon and Olivia so that could make things even more interesting. We can all expect that if Olivia has a problem with him then so does Hannah, sisters stick together especially when one feels picked on. Rulon had better stay away from that yellow line, his “family” connections are dwindling and his enemy list is growing.

Grab your Extra Delight Dessert gum (my face is Key Lime Pie!)

and your big water bottle

and get ready for more Biggest Loser drama, tonight!

NBC 7pm/8pm Eastern

Ooooh, I’m all tingly inside!!

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