Wow, I was right?!

I was a bit surprised that I nailed it as easily as I did about who was going to walk off the show last night – but I expected more fireworks and fight before it happened. Not the gaping jaws and silence. So, a bit disappointing for me – what about you?

I think that we can all agree that if you need psychological support or life decision advice, Cara is not the trainer to go to. She listens…but that’s about it. (or maybe she’s not even listening, maybe she’s hearing music or replaying a boxing match in her head while someone talks to her, who knows?!) Unless you are blaming her for not getting to your goals, questioning her experience and/or training methods, then she is a screaming, crying lunatic in your face telling you to go train with someone else. What, is she like 14 years old or what? So, for Rulon to have that kind of discussion with her about getting what he needed out of this experience and not being there to make life-long friends was a waste of time and breath. She let him talk himself off the ranch and gave him a hug. Huh?

Now, if that had been Jillian…that’s a whole different story! (even my boys said that much – and they’re only 11 and 12 years old!) How is it possible that everyone was trying to keep Kaylee there because she wasn’t ready to finish her “journey” on her own, but they all stood there speechless when Rulon announced that he was going home “for personal reasons”. Not a death in his family, not an impending divorce, just personally he doesn’t want to do this anymore and prefers to go it alone. Okee-dokee. (notice that he didn’t hug any of the contestants? hmmm…)

One more thing about last night that I found disturbing was the challenge that involved Tara. While I totally love her, and she still looks great, I don’t agree with including past contestants in the challenges and allowing them to take the prize. Especially when it’s the Wheaties box, for Godssakes!

My heart just about broke for Rulon, and I don’t really like him that much but I respect  him as a world-class athlete, knowing that he wanted that for more reasons than anyone else. Maybe that was the final straw that made him certain it was time to go home? Makes you wonder…

This makes the finale even more interesting to watch, in my opinion, just to see if by then he is at his “competition weight” and looking fit and ripped or…if he’s gained 30 pounds since going home because he’s able to eat a bag of chips without any cameras watching him.

The other departure, Kaylee, wasn’t much of a surprise for me and I’m glad to see her finally gone. She’s been an underachiever for the most part and drifting – dead weight for the entire cast, really. Reminds me of Elizabeth from last season. Just to see her now that she’s at home, and has decided that she is already at her goal weight, says it all for me. And the new boyfriend? Really?? Whatever.

The final four is getting closer and my money is on the girls! Olivia, Hannah and Irene are keeping the pace and making no excuses. As for the men I could see Austin making it, Jay not so much. But we still have one more week…only time will tell.

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