You go girl(s)!!

I am still glowing from last night’s episode of Biggest Loser. Can you believe it?! Three women in the “Final Four” and with any luck (and votes) there will only be three women in the finale next week going for the big prize.

Irene really deserves to be there, don’t you think? I do – voted for her 10 times today myself! Go Irene!

Have to say that I will be somewhat surprised if Hannah doesn’t end up with her own TV show or something public after this, she is a personality that draws you. She’s funny and quirky and honest. Love her!

And I have total respect for Olivia. Last week when she was given the choice of a one pound advantage over taking the $10,000 and she chose the money I was surprised (I mean who doesn’t want an advantage at this stage of the game when the pounds are slowing down on the scale??) But when she explained her reasoning I totally admired her for it. She did it for her husband and for a reward to them as a couple. She did it for love. (sigh)

As for Jay…I feel for him, just not enough. He’s been out before and has this attitude that that is how he is meant to stay in this game with his “nine lives” but I say “nay-nay!” Things happen for a reason and for some reason your fate has been played with this season but your golden road is ending, my friend. He doesn’t even pull the numbers that he should which tells me that he isn’t in it to win it.

I cannot wait for next week and the finale. As I’ve said before, “this is my SuperBowl, baby!” and I meant it.

Biggest Loser, Tuesday night on NBC.

Be there, you’re gonna love it!

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